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"To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim." - Oscar Wilde

UNDISCLOSED is a series of anonymous releases, with each entry composed by a hand-picked contemporary artist. This concept allows each musician to explore a particular sonic territory, while remaining detached from all of the previous associations with their name. The project also invites the listener to strip away all of the predisposed concepts and instead focus on the only thing that really matters -- MUSIC.

UNDISCLOSED proudly offers an annual subscription service to all of our esteemed supporters! For a nominal fee, which is less then buying individual EPs, you will get access to our complete back catalog, automatically delivered monthly installments, as well as previously unreleased tracks stored away exclusively for our subscribers! We hope you will enjoy this series as much as everyone involved!

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      ... ... another UNDISCLOSED release coming this we... February 09, 2016
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      We've got the very last UNDISCLOSED release of the... December 22, 2015
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      Track V from the amazing 5D798E is now available a... July 13, 2015
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